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Wake Up To A Stress-Free Tomorrow!

Waking up cuddling a pile of clean laundry you were too lazy to fold is, while admittedly comfortable, not the best way to start your day. Neither is opening your eyes mid-panic because you’re scrambling to figure out where and with whom your breakfast meeting is. Use these easy tips to set yourself up for the next day. Not only

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Sleep Studies Reveal Remarkable Results

Recent sleep studies conducted by the Better Sleep Council reveal a good night’s sleep is the most important factor for good health and well-being. More vital to wellness than even a healthy diet and exercise. When we are well rested we have more vitality and feel more energetic, our brain functions better, our decision making improves, we are able to

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10 Tips for the Best Sleep Tonight

10 Tips for the Best Sleep Tonight!

Prioritize the quality of your sleep. It is as essential as your exercise routine or a healthy meal. Find your perfect balance. Not all of us require eight hours sleep a night; work out the level of rest you need. Keep to a regular routine. Going to bed at the same time each night will program your body for sleep.

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10 Goals to Live Healthy and Lose Unwanted Kilos in this Year

A new year means undoubtedly a new beginning for all of us. By identifying your personal goals and expectations, you can catch a fresh start to the New Year. For many people, this means a step towards a healthier life, and one of the most important obstacles on this path is seen as a weight problem. If this is your

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5 Reasons to Set a Curfew for Your Smartphone!

In our ultra-connected world, a smartphone is the first and the last thing many people see every day. Staying connected with our networks is extremely tempting, and you can safely bet that every app and social network you use is designed to be as addictive as possible, but there are good reasons to put away your smartphone well before bedtime.

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