Crown Mattress Range

Health professional partners often stress that sleep, nutrition, and exercise are the three interrelated pillars of good health. Hence, getting enough sleep makes you more likely to make good nutritional choices and exercise injury-free, while eating right and being physically fit makes it easier to sleep through the night.

Crown Posture Bedding

This range prides itself on producing allergy free quality products combining traditional hand craftsmanship with the latest innovation and technology in bedding. By not compromising on the quality of our raw materials, you can be assured that your Crown Bedding products stand the test of time with our products made right here in West Australia.

Each range in this collection has been designed and built to cater for all comfort levels offering you and your family the right bed at the right price ensuring you a perfect night’s sleep. A Proudly Australian made Brand.



The value and benefits of a good night’s sleep are at the forefront of our philosophy – Our family’s passion is your family’s sleep.


With our extensive range of products, you are sure to find your perfect mattress. Designed with you in mind, we build to order and offer unmatched flexibility.

The Kingdom Range:

Our legacy continues with the new Kingdom Collection… Providing consistent full body support, our 5 zone micro pocket springs system is engineered to accommodate all shapes and sizes. The kingdom range has been designed to conform to the natural contours of your body providing personalized support through the individual pocket springs, creating the perfect environment for a quality restful sleep. A bedroom essential, the Kingdom range provides you with 30% more springs than a standard Pocket spring mattress and also includes a bamboo fabric adding a natural touch to the product providing breathability and ventilation.

Kingdom Select:

Providing consistent, full body support, our 5 zone micro pocket spring is a spring engineered to accommodate all shapes and sizes. The AST pocket springs conform to your body to provide minimal partner disturbance. With the addition of the exclusive Advanced Support Technology (AST), both spring systems work together to only increase the individual support but also reduce partner disturbance. Breathability is also a key feature and this range, utilizing the latest Graphite and Gel memory foam, the sleeper will enjoy the benefits of supreme comfort, pressure relief, and temperature regulation. The range is complemented by a naturally luxurious Tencel fabric that allows the peace of mind and a healthy night rest for the concerned sleeper.

Kingdom Infinity:

A luxurious Australian made mattress, the Kingdom Infinity range offers a blend if unique comfort and superior support to produce the ultimate in luxury sleep. Featuring the AST pocket springs and also the unique NANO pockets springs, the sleep system offers two times more elasticity than normal springs. Besides forming a healthy ergonomic surface, exceptional pressure relief and temperature regulation are attained by the latest innovation, LatexBLACK and Graphite memory foam. Pure natural comfort, Cashmere assures a soft, light and comfortable sleeping surface that is breathable and supports thermal regulation. A perfect addition to a mattress for the one who deserves and demands pure elegance.

The Prestige Collection:

The Crown Prestige is like nothing you have ever slept on. Featuring breathable cashmere, the finest natural latex layers, temperature regulating memory gel and a luxurious Belgian made classic damask jacquard, it will make a statement in any bedroom. The Prestige Collection offers a perfect sleeping experience addressing different tastes with its design including Quantum Comfort and LatexBLACK and supported by Quadruple Cable Coil spring system, an exclusive technology unrivaled in the industry. These crucial ingredients result in a quality, restful sleep as tossing and turning is eliminated, allowing the body to heal and rejuvenation after the demands of your busy day.  Your haven to escape each and every night.

You are sure to find your perfect mattress with our extensive range of products. Crown posture mattresses are available exclusively at Forty Winks across Australia.