Sleep Revolution Mattress Range

It’s no secret that back pain can negatively affect most aspects of your life. If you lead an active lifestyle, this can suffer because of the difficulties you may experience moving around. There are of course exercises and stretches that you can do to ease the pressure but this won’t really make a difference if your mattress is the culprit.

In fact, this is most likely the case. Through all of the years of sleeping, your mattress could be full of lumps and bumps. Unfortunately, your spinal health will suffer the painful consequences if you are not getting the right back support while you’re resting. Our partnership facilitates our R&D and product engineering through their international panel of experts through investigations of how chiropractic contributes to community health and well-being, and further the engineering of our mattresses with better “understanding and development of chiropractic care.

Luckily, the technology used in mattress manufacturing has grown by leaps and bounds, and SlumberCorp has been closely keeping an eye on these new trends. Our dedication to improving our clients’ quality of life has resulted in the development of our Sleep Revolution mattress range.

As the name suggests, this is a real innovation in the industry and offers the ideal mattress to relieve back pain. The collection has various ranges, which offer exceptional benefits and health advantages.


Developed with the contribution of Australian Spinal Research Foundation, the Sleep Revolution brand is designed to solve your sleeping problems. You can say goodbye to overturning during sleep, back-back pain and stiffness, sweating or chills, discomfort caused by partner movements and lying deformities.


Sleep Revolution is one of the best bedding brands in the country has revolutionised the design, the materials, and technology used in bedding manufacturing and with the success of its after-sales customer relations.

Advance Cell Collection

This WA-made mattress has a mid-firmness level and uses a 7 Zone Advanced Cell Micro Pocket Spring system for minimal partner disturbance. The Edge Care Comfort Plus foam box provides a high level of support around the perimeter of the mattress.

This support is further enhanced with the addition of high-density urethane and gel-infused Natures Air Latex, which is also allergy free. Even though support is a key factor, so is comfort. ViscoCARE® Gel Density Posture Conforming Memory Foam actually conforms to your body, resulting in a comfortable night’s sleep. The temperature during the night also affects your quality of sleep. It is important to keep cool and refreshed, which is exactly what this and the HygroCool open cell foam aids in.

The mattress’s quilt comfort system also regulates temperature with the use of natural Tencel fabric that has moisture absorption properties. The Premium Soft Quilting Foam with its cashmere blend offers both soft comfort and a luxurious touch.

Classic Collection

With the Classic Collection, you will also experience the temperature control features as well as body contouring aspects. In fact, this mattress uses an Adaptive Treatment in its quilt. The fabric responds to temperature changes and adjusts its level of evaporation accordingly, leaving you cool and dry.

Premium Support Range

This mattress has a high firmness level thanks to its Ultra Firm Pocket Spring system. By using the heaviest single gauge wire in the industry, you will enjoy maximum support while your sleeping partner enjoys minimal disturbance. The Edge Care Comfort Plus foam provides even more support.

Expect to enjoy the same benefits as the other mattresses in this range when it comes to comfort, contouring and temperature control. An added advantage is that this option uses Hypersoft Quilting Foam that is quilted to a wool pad, which will keep you warm in winters and cool in summers.

Eminience Collection

This collection has two mattress options, the Marquis and the Duchess. Each one also makes use of a 7 Zone Advanced Cell Micro Pocket Spring system and Edge Care Comfort Plus technology.

The Regulate Memory Foam and ViscoCARE Gel Memory Foam provide that important temperature control aspect that is essential for a refreshing night’s sleep. The Duchess option also has HygroCool open cell foam to assist in ventilation.

The Premium Soft Quilting Foam uses Quiltec which increases airflow to make you feel as if you’re sleeping on a cloud. These options also use Single Sided technology, which means that they are no-turn mattresses.

Most of the products that we use are locally sourced and our company is proudly Australian. We pride ourselves on being active in providing employment options to Western Australians as well as ensuring that we are helping our economy through selling our exceptional Sleep Revolution mattresses.