Sleep Zone Mattress Range

Targeting Sleep Solutions!

Lying on an unsupportive mattress in time can cause problems with skeletal alignment and muscular tension.

Bedding Innovator and technology leader SleepZone sleep solutions has revolutionized the design, the materials, the technology and the after-sales customer relationships. Having a national reputation in the field of bedding, SleepZone is Australia’s one of the most recommended and best-selling brands. SleepZone’s exclusive collection of Hip & Lumbar Contour 3, Hip & Lumbar Advance 3+5, Hip & Lumbar 5+5, Hip & Lumbar 7+7 models are vitalizing the way our customers sleep.

In order to maximize the positive effect of sleep on body health, the spine needs to be properly aligned during sleep. Developed with the contribution of Australian Spinal Research Foundation, SleepZone beds are equipped with sleeping systems that are especially ergonomically designed and developed with state-of-the-art technology at SlumberCorp to solve your sleeping problems caused by excess pressure on the spine.



Sleep Zone mattresses are designed and built to provide perfect tireless nights sleep. This approach based on innovation introduces sleepers to breakthrough sleep technology tried and tested for quality in our factories in Australia.


The luxurious beds that SleepZone are carefully crafted to fit people’s sleep and improve their quality of life, provides maximum benefits for both comfort and body support.

Hip & Lumbar Contour 3:

With the Improved perimeter consistency, Contour Response™ 3 Zone Full Width Pocket Spring System provides better firmness anywhere on the mattress, including the Dual edge perimeter support, the mattress offers more coils than the industry standard. A high coil means more support, more surface coverage, and negligible partner disturbance. Discover the advantages of your mattress while sleeping.

Hip & Lumbar Advance 3+5:

The Hip & Lumbar Advance 3+5 range boasts over 60% more springs than the traditional mattresses. This way, the mattress can provide more support for the spine and offer a larger sleeping surface and an extraordinarily peaceful night’s sleep and helps your muscles to relax. The Hip & Lumber Advance 3+5 mattresses provide a 28% cooler environment compared to foam mattresses and regulates temperature with Gel infused materials, offering freshness and also peace of mind with the additional benefits of Bamboo.

Hip & Lumbar Profile 5+5:

The 5 Zone Pocket Spring System features independent springs of varying firmness, which adapt to different body types and provides superior pressure relief. Moreover, Gradzone assists in spinal alignment and enhanced breathability. The LiquidGel Memory Foam used in the Pillow-top provides optimum pressure relief and with increased temperature regulation enables you to wake up fresh and relaxed. In addition, A Bamboo treated fabric allows enhances breathability and is also naturally anti-microbial for peace of mind.

Hip & Lumbar Premium 7+7:

Exceptionally comfortable, uninterrupted and tailor-made sleep is made possible only with extra features evident in your Hip & Lumbar 7+7 range mattresses. This range is created with the unique 7Zone Pocket Spring and contouring Micro pocket springs providing exceptional support and enhanced air circulation. Together the higher spring count allows the sleeper maximum support, whilst optimizing air circulation and providing minimal partner disturbance. LiquidGEL and LatexGEL provide enhanced pressure relieving comfort that also assists in regulating temperature and providing a cooler environment for sleeping. Quiltec and Tencel fabrics combine to offer a luxurious product with aspirations to provide additional benefits such as breathability and naturally healthy environment. You are assured of an uninterrupted and comfortable sleep with a Premium 7+7 mattress.

The SleepZone Difference

is in performance, which is privileged. The technology of the spring units and the structure of the comfort layers used along with the quilting panels provides an ideal and healthy sleep environment by supporting the body from all pressure points.

The luxurious beds that SleepZone are carefully crafted to fit people’s sleep and improve their quality of life, provides maximum benefits for both comfort and body support. You can use the SleepZone beds, which enrich your sleeping experience without any reduction in performance for many years. Available exclusively in all Home Maker stores across Western Australia.