About Us

Slumbercorp, one of the top rated mattress brands

SlumberCorp is fully family owned and operated in Western Australia. This means that when you buy one of our beds, you know that you’re helping our economy, and assisting in the employment opportunities for Western Australians.

Even though we focus on looking towards our future, it’s always helpful to look back and see how far we’ve come.

With us, it all started in November 1995 manufacturing eight beds each day. We endeavoured on growing SlumberCorp as a well-trusted and reliable brand in Australia. Our aim was to offer quality products at competitive prices and a more personalised service to all of our customers in the country, something that we still aspire to today.

In fact, even though our manufacturing target has increased quite dramatically, we still have a strong desire to ensure brand loyalty through our exceptional relationships with our clients and suppliers.

One of the reasons that we’re such a trusted bed manufacturer is that we keep our eye on developing trends that will improve our whole business system. In this way, our domain expertise, unique culture, and technical excellence help our B2B and B2C clients thrive and be future-ready.

One of the ways that we’re doing this is by incorporating Health Vantage® allergy-free materials and foams accredited by Good Environmental Choice Australia. This is important for our clients’ consumers to not only get a good night’s sleep but also to know that our products consider general health and wellbeing too.

We produce some of the top-rated mattress brands out there, including SlumberCare, Springwall®, Crown, Sleep Revolution, SleepZone, and Silent Night. We want the best for our customers, which is why continually strive to be the best bed manufacturers in the country.

We also really want our retail and commercial clients to succeed. To help them gain a competitive edge over their industry rivals, we offer flexible and global delivery models, a Just-in-time (JIT) inventory strategy, agile methodologies and overall expert frameworks.

We pride ourselves on having a clear understanding of our retail and commercial customers. This, in addition to us maximising the performance of our operation teams, results in a robust, tailor-made and low-risk delivery options to our customers.

This shows that as a business, SlumberCorp is devoted to developing and maintaining customer relationships that are built on providing the best buying experience. We aim to ensure that our clients will never have to go to another brand again.

Our ability to devise sleeping solutions is equally matched by our ability to execute. What makes us different is our unique balance of human perspective and deep strategic thinking. In addition, our vision, mission, and values help us see possibilities where others see a full stop.


Our mission is to harness cutting-edge technology to provide customers with innovative products that create a great sleep experience and maintain top-notch customer service through agile methodologies and global delivery models while contributing to the community at large.


To successfully establish and retain a strong national position as Australia’s top bedding manufacturer while expanding our portfolio of brand and services.


  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Attention to Detail
  • Flexibility

Chairman’s Message

Dear Guests,


On behalf of my team, I would like to welcome you to SlumberCorp®’s corporate website. The website has been designed to be user-friendly and to provide you with much information to help your mattress & bedding purchase.

We started our operations in 1995 to be a viable alternative of quality bedding to the established players, and have grown since that time to become one of the most dynamic and progressive bedding companies in Australia. Over the years, we have partnered with many International brands from North America, Europe, and Asia as well as the domestic Australian market, to deliver quality products to our customers. As part of our future expansion plans, we look for partners who can help us satisfy the ever-changing needs and wants of Australian consumers.

Our workforce has been drawn from different nations and cultures and is an essential part of the company achieving its vision and mission of delivering on our promise of quality products.

Our success would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of our partners and suppliers who have made the journey achievable, and who will help us continue to grow and develop our brands.

Should you need any further information, please contact us via “Get in Touch” link, so that we can address any concerns that you may have.


Stuart Gardiner
CEO & Managing Director
SlumberCorp Australasia Pty Ltd

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

SlumberCorp®’s believes in a sense of community and that we should give back to the community that supports us. Children are the future of tomorrow and for anybody that has experienced the incredible service and support that Perth Children’s Hospital provides for families day in and day out, they understand the importance of supporting such a worthy cause. It is with great pride SlumberCorp® supports the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation in getting WA’s sick kids well.

Our Associations

Australian Spinal Research Foundation

SlumberCorp® partnered with Australian Spinal Research Foundation, Australia’s largest chiropractic® research funding organization, in 2017.

Our partnership facilitates our R&D and product engineering through their international panel of experts through investigations of how chiropractic® contributes to community health and well-being, and further our engineering of our mattresses with better “understanding and development of chiropractic® care.

GECA Accredited Foams

All standard foams that SlumberCare sources are from local producers and suppliers and come accredited as “GECA” approved. Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) which uses ISO 14024 for global best practice and environmental standards.

Australian Furniture Association

SlumberCorp® is one of the distinguished platinum members of Australian Furniture Association (AFA). Our long-standing commitment to design and development of bedding technology and consistently exceeding stringent quality standards of AFA has given us numerous awards for excellence awarded by the Australian Furniture Association.

Health Vantage

Using Australian made foams in our mattresses allows for peace of mind for the consumer and a product that reinforces allergy free. Health Vantage® provides Dual Protection against Allergies and Asthma giving you a Healthier Night’s Sleep. Health Vantage® kills over 91% of dust mites in mattresses as they land this will significantly reduce the chance of Allergies and Asthma symptoms.

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic® College

Springwall® is partnered with the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic® College.

Better Sleep Council Canada

We are supporters of the Better Sleep Council of Canada, an organization committed to educating Canadians how to get a better night’s sleep, which can lead to good health and enhanced quality of life.

Our History - Timeline

At SlumberCorp® our long standing commitment to design and development of bedding technology has given us numerous awards for excellence awarded by the Australian Furniture Association (AFA).


Operations started 6th Nov 1995 – 8 mattresses sold per day


In December 1996, SlumberCare moved around the corner to Raymond Avenue, Bayswater where the available factory space doubled that of Muriel Street.


Winner of FIAA Excellence in Sleep Ensemble ‘’THE POSTURE EASE”.


Finalist of Telstra Small Business Award


– Welshpool factory launched – 6000 SQ M
– Capacity: 600+ Mattresses/day
– 4 days delivery across WA
Highly commended for FIAA “Excellence in Sleep Ensemble”


Winner of FIAA Excellence in Sleep Ensemble “THE MANHATTAN”
Winner of FIAA Excellence in Sleep Ensemble ‘A CLASS OF ITS OWN”
Winner of FIAA “Best of the Best Piece of Furniture in Australia”


Finalist of FIAA “Manufacturer of the Year”


Winner of FIAA Excellence in Sleep Ensemble “GOLDEN POSTURE”
Highly commended for FIAA “Excellence in a Sleep Set”


Winner of FIAA “Excellence in Manufacturing & Marketing


Winner of FIAA Excellence in Sleep Ensemble “THE PRIX D’AMOUR”


Finalist of Telstra Small Business Award
Highly commended for FIAA “Excellence in Sleep Sets”


Darwin factory launched
6000 SQ M
Capacity: 400+ Mattresses/day
4 days delivery across NT
Runner-up WA of FIAA “Excellence in a Sleep Set


Winner of FIAA “Excellence in Manufacturing and Marketing”
Winner of Western Australia – FIAA “Excellence in Sleep Set”
Winner of Northern Territory “Best Manufacturer in Northern Territory”
Winner of Australia Wide – FIAA “Excellence in Manufacturing and Marketing”


Winner of FIAA “Excellence in Sleep Set”
Winner of FIAA “Excellence in Manufacturing and Marketing”


Winner of FIAA “Excellence in Mainstream Manufacturing”
Highly commended for Western Australia – FIAA “Excellence in a Sleep Set”


Winner and Special Commendation of FIAA “Supplier of the Year”
Finalist of Western Australia FIAA “Excellence in a Sleep Set”


Winner of FIAA “Excellence in Residential Sleep Set
Winner of FIAA “Best Sleep Set in WA”
2015 Winner of FIAA “Excellence in Sleep Ensemble”


Silent Night


New Brands & Product Innovation
Business expansion in South Australia