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Backcare - Latex Firm

Backcare - Latex Firm

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  • Single Sided – Non Flip technology
  • Compu-tec® Spring System – This Compu-tec support system is recognized throughout the world and is used extensively through most major countries – USA, UK EUROPE ETC. It is a superior spring system created by computer technology. Its robust qualities will ensure the sleeper will receive unequalled support with no roll out.
  • Fully Edge Supported – Allows you to sleep right to the edge of the mattress for no roll out.
  • Zoned Support – Re-enforced centre third support to assist in spinal alignment
  • High Resilient Quality Foams that are HealthVantage® Treated.
  • Natures Air® Natural Latex – Allergy free, longer lasting support with a premium comfort.







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